Modernize or Die® - CFML News Podcast for September 20th, 2022 - Episode 164

Gavin hosts this week's CFML News Podcast solo because Brad got tied up by cabling in a server room somewhere, maybe. They discussed Into the Box Session Survey Raffle, Ortus hiring another USA Developer, CF Summit's AMA session with the online form, State of the CF Union Survey Podcast Part 1, Hacktoberfest 2023, Lucee Mail Listeners. They also discussed Ortus' recent Webinar recap on ITB, and some upcoming Adobe Workshops and Webinars. They discuss upcoming conferences, CF Summit, the CF Summit Ortus Training, ITB Latam, Dev Nexus 2023 and ITB 2023. They discuss what's new and coming soon with CFCasts as well... including free and paid content with more content each and every week. They spotlight a lot of great blog posts, tweets, videos and podcasts, too many to list, so listen to the show.  They announce some jobs from and on the web... including some from the community. They show off the ForgeBox module of the Week - cbPlaywright - CFML integration with TestBox and Playwright to run tests in actual browsers This week's VS Code Tip of the week is - VSCode Great Icons - A big pack of icons (200+) for your files. They talked a little information about perks for their Patreon supporters, including Annual Memberships with a discount... and now new perks like the BoxTeam Slack Channel and the Live Streams like the "Koding with the Kiwi + Friends"... and Gavin had some more crazy ideas, looking for feedback on what Patreons want to see in the future... vote for that in the Boxteam Patreon Slack Channel. For the show notes - visit the website Music from this podcast is used under Royalty Free license from SoundDotCom and BlueTreeAudio
2022-09-20 Weekly News - Episode 164

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  • Gavin Pickin - Senior Developer at Ortus Solutions

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News and Announcements

ITB Session Survey Raffle

  • Ali Awan - Amazon Gift Card - $25
  • Shawn Oden - Modern CFML Book
  • Ryan Hinto - Modern CFML Book

2 more weeks for more survey results - giving away more Modern CFML Books, and a Shirt from the Box Life Store!
Ortus hiring another USA Developer
Although we’re always looking, we’re actively looking to hire that USA developer now. So check the criteria on the Careers page, and email us today to start the process.

CF Summit AMA Session
Ask Dave Ferguson and Matt Gifford anything, literally!
Post your questions here:  and select questions will be answered live on stage by the experts. Only at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2022.
Register now:

State of the CF Union Survey - Results - Part 1 - Podcast
Gavin Pickin talks about “State of CF Union Survey 2022 Results In-Depth Analysis Part 1 (14 cool ColdFusion, Database and Frameworks insights)” in this episode of ColdFusion Alive Podcast with host Michaela Light.

“…so far right now, you know, we see 60% of people are using a supported ColdFusion licensed product…”

Hacktoberfest 2023
Registrations begin Sept 26th 2023.

New Releases and Updates

Lucee now has Mail Listeners
Mail Listeners can be configured to be triggered before and after sending email (only for email sending as async).
These follow the same pattern as Query Listeners.
This is available as an experimental feature in Lucee 5.3 and is officially supported in Lucee 6.0.

Webinar / Meetups and Workshops

ICYMI - Ortus Webinar - September - Into the Box - Recap
Friday, September 16th, 2022: Time 12:30AM Central Time ( US and Canada )
Join members of the Ortus team as they discuss Into the Box 2022, with a recap on all the new releases, product updates, happy box, the hallway track, the food, and what’s coming for Into the Box 2023 in less than 9 months time!
What live on Youtube:

Adobe Workshops & Webinars
Join the Adobe ColdFusion Workshop to learn how you and your agency can leverage ColdFusion to create amazing web content. This one-day training will cover all facets of Adobe ColdFusion that developers need to build applications that can run across multiple cloud providers or on-premise

9:00 AM CEST
Adobe ColdFusion Workshop
Damien Bruyndonckx

10:00 AM PDT
Building Custom Adobe Connect Pods with CF2021
Mark Takata

10:00 AM PST
Building Native Mobile Applications with Adobe ColdFusion &
Mark Takata

10:00 AM PST
Winter Holiday Special: A preview of ColdFusion 2023
Mark Takata

Full list -

CFCasts Content Updates

Just Released

Coming Soon - Now that ITB is over we can get back to our Video Series
  • More ForgeBox and VS Code Podcast snippet videos
  • Box-ifying a 3rd Party Library from Gavin
  • ColdBox Elixir from Eric
  • Getting Started with ContentBox from Daniel
  • ITB Videos will be released Dec for those who are not ITB Ticket Holders

Conferences and Training

CF Summit - Official
At the Mirage in Las Vegas, NV
Oct 3rd & 4th - CFSummit Conference
Oct 5th - Adobe Certified Professional: Adobe ColdFusion Certification Classes & Tests

Registrations are now open.
Schedule has been announced!!!!

Ortus CF Summit Training Workshop
ColdBox Zero to MegaHero : REST APIs + VueJS Mobile App
Oct 5th and 6th - After CF Summit Conference
Lead by Luis Majano & Gavin Pickin
Price: $799 - Early bird pricing
Location: Aria - In the luxurious Executive Hospitality Suite like 2019

Free T-Shirt
Free Modern CFML Book
Free ColdBox Zero to Hero Workshop on CFCasts to help you prepare
We’ll even refund you $50 if you bought your ticket and need to change it to stay for the workshop!!!!

AWSome Day Online Conference

9AM – 12PM PT | 12PM – 3PM ET
We're bringing the cloud down to Earth
Join us for a free virtual 3-hour AWS Cloud training event delivered by our skilled in-house instructors.

Into the Box Latam 2022
Dec 5th or 7th
More information is coming very soon.

Dev Nexus
April 4-6th in Altanta
Super Early Bird will be on sale until October 9, 2022 (Approx 50% off)
If you are planning to speak, please submit often and early. The CALL FOR PAPERS is open until November 15

Into the Box 2023 - 10th Edition
Middle of May - start planning.
Final dates will be released as soon as the hotel confirms availability.

No CFCAMP 2022, we're trying again for summer 2023
TLDR is that it's just too hard and there's too much uncertainty right now.

More conferences

Need more conferences, this site has a huge list of conferences for almost any language/community.

Blogs, Tweets, and Videos of the Week

9/20/22 - Blog - Grant Copley - Ortus Solutions - Prefetching in CBWIRE
When I want to increase the perceived speed of my CBWIRE apps, one tool I reach for is prefetching. Prefetching is a built-in feature of Livewire JS that allows you to invoke an Action's results on mouseOver.

9/20/22 - Blog - Michael Born - Ortus Solutions - How to Get the Version of Any Java Package from CFML
The Apache POI library is an awesome tool for messing with spreadsheets. You can read spreadsheet data, get header rows, total row count, all sorts of wacky stuff. Julian Halliwell's excellent spreadsheet-cfml library uses it to great effect.

9/17/22 - Blog - Ben Nadel - Adding An Angular 14 Front-End To My ColdFusion Feature Flag Exploration
About a month ago, I posted Strangler: Building a Feature Flag System in ColdFusion. That proof-of-concept was constructed in Lucee CFML using a standard post-back workflow wherein each navigation begot a full page refresh. Over the last few weeks, I've been dribbling some effort into creating a thick-client experience using Angular 14. The UI (User Interface) still leaves a lot to be desired; but, I think as a second-stage proof-of-concept, there's enough here to be demoed.

9/16/22 - Blog - James Moberg - areBracesValid UDF for ColdFusion/CFML
I was using a version of smartSearch from that I had updated with some simple regex detection for SQLi strings, but it wasn't catching everything. I considered disabling the bracket matching feature and rejecting any query search terms that attempted to use ( or ), but then considered that I should validate so that the feature could still be used since it is beneficial when not being exploited.

9/16/22 - Gavin Pickin - Ortus Solutions - Into the Box 2022 - Conference Recap
This years Into the Box has just wrapped up, but we are already preparing for 2023’s Into the Box, May, Houston Texas! The event was a huge success, we had solid attendance in person, and almost doubled our online viewership from 2021, great feedback from attendees in Houston, and online. So many attendees didn’t say goodbye at the end of the conference, they said see you next year, which, as an organizer lets you know you’ve done things right, and the hard work has paid off.

9/15/22 - David Tattersall - Fusion Reactor - Announcing FusionReactor 9.0
We are very proud to announce the release of FusionReactor 9.0, which represents a major milestone for FusionReactor and has been almost 2 years in the making.
FusionReactor has always been about helping engineers, support, and DevOps to get to the root of application problems as quickly as possible. As software engineers, the founders of the company wanted to develop a product that would be familiar to us, and which would enable us to resolve performance and stability problems quickly. Up till now, we have focused the product on serving the ColdFusion and Java applications market. Our commitment to these platforms will not change.

Both JFrog and O’Reilly sent me a paper copy of DevOps Tools for Java Developers for review (or my reading pleasure, or hopefully both). The copies came with no strings attached and this article is my honest opinion.
The book is written by Ixchel Ruiz, Melissa McKay, Stephen Chin and Baruch Sadogursky. 3 of them I met personally and all of them come very much from the developer side of things and are known people in the Java world. All of them work at JFrog these days.


Several positions available on
Listing over 132 ColdFusion positions from 73 companies across 62 locations in 5 Countries.

6 new jobs listed this week

Full-Time - Lucee/ Coldfusion Developer – Freelance – Belgium at England.. - United Kingdom
Sep 20

Full-Time - Software Developer (m/w/d) at Hannover oder remot (Germany).. - Other Countries
Sep 19

Full-Time - Sr Software Engineer/ColdFusion Developer at Reston, VA - United States
Sep 16

Full-Time - Sr Software Engineer/ColdFusion Developer at Remote - United States
Sep 16

Full-Time - Enterprise Sales Account Manager, ColdFusion (EMEA Shift) at.. - India
Sep 14

Full-Time - Software Engineer 3- ColdFusion at Remote - United States
Sep 14

Other Job Links

ForgeBox Module of the Week


CFML integration with TestBox and Playwright to run tests in actual browsers

VS Code Hint Tips and Tricks of the Week

VSCode Great Icons

A big pack of icons (200+) for your files.
Quote from Blog: Slightly less popular than the most common icon extension, vscode-icons. I think the icons here look so much better than the default, and the folder icons make it easier to tell which directory I’m in.

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