Modernize or Die® - CFML News Podcast for November 29th, 2022 - Episode 173

Gavin and Dan Card host this week's CFML News Podcast They discuss a new Gold Patreon Tomorrows Guide and their job offerings. News and Announcements - Kai announcing CFCamp live on the last podcast, Adobe ColdFusion Fortuna Alpha, and reminder that ColdBox Master Class is free until the end of 2022. Webinars / Meetups and Workshops - Ortus Office Hours, Software Craftsmanship Book Club, Foundeo's Security Training and reminders about recent meetups like MidMichigan and CFHawaii. Conferences They updated everyone on CF Summit Online - where adobe will start streaming the CF Summit sessions as the speakers re-present them to stream and record. With 4 sessions this week, and more throughout Dec and Jan. They discussed upcoming conferences including ITB Latam with the update website with all the information, as well as VueJS Amsterdam, VueJS Live, Dev Nexus 2023 and ITB 2023... including dates and call for speakers!!! And if you missed it, CFCamp 2023 dates announced!!!. They discussed what's new and coming soon with CFCasts They spotlight a lot of great blog posts, tweets, videos and podcasts, too many to list, so listen to the show.  They announce some jobs from and on the web... including some from the community and Ortus hiring another USA Developer. They show off the ForgeBox module of the Week - Raygun4cfml - By Kai Koenig - Raygun Crash Reporting client for CFML This week's VS Code Tip of the week is - In your Face - A humorous Extension that shows you faces that change with the number of source code errors. They talked a little information about perks for their Patreon supporters, including Annual Memberships with a discount... and now new perks like the BoxTeam Slack Channel and live streams. For the show notes - visit the website Music from this podcast is used under Royalty Free license from SoundDotCom and BlueTreeAudio
2022-11-29 Weekly News - Episode 173

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  • Gavin Pickin - Senior Developer at Ortus Solutions
  • Dan Card - Senior Developer at Ortus Solutions

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The makers of ColdBox, CommandBox, ForgeBox, TestBox and all your favorite box-es out there. 
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Patreon Support 

Goal 1 - We have 43 patreons providing 100% of the funding for our Modernize or Die Podcasts via our Patreon site:
Goal 2 - We are 39% of the way to fully fund the hosting of

Patreon Sponsored Job Announcement - Tomorrows Guides

Tomorrows Guides is a fast paced leader in the UK care sector, catering for care seekers across three areas: Care Homes, Nurseries and Home Care. We are often called the Trip Advisor of the care sector.
Current Roles - More in the job section

Senior Cf Developer – UK Only | Remote | Permanent | Circa £60k -

Automation Test Engineer – UK Only | Remote | Permanent | Crica £40k -

News and Announcements

ICYMI - Kai announced CF Camp 2023 officially on the Podcast

Kai was our special guest on the last episode with the background, and the announcement. So get your Passports ready, CF Camp, in Germany June 2023.

CF Camp 2023

June 22/23, 2023
Freising, Germany

Adobe ColdFusion Fortuna Alpha

Signup for the pre-release

ICYMI - ColdBox Master Class - Completely Free until the end of the Year!
Want to learn about modern web apps in ColdFusion (CFML)? We have our ColdBox Master Class for FREE until the end of the year!  A gift to the community, so we can all build amazing apps together! Watch all the videos!  Binge Coding Anyone? Enjoy!

New Releases and Updates

Lucee released 5.3.10

One of the most exciting features in 5.3.10, which should make should make everyone’s life easier when deploying Lucee servers, is improved, still experimental, native support for CFconfig.

ICYMI - Spreadsheet-cfml V3.7.0 released

Spreadsheet CFML 3.7.0 released with new option to read visible/formatted instead of raw values
James filed a bug for the ACF2021 issue. He’s posted 3 bugs in 30 days with Adobe.

Webinar / Meetups and Workshops

Ortus Event Calendar for Google

Ortus Office Hours
A new  initiative where some Ortusians will be on a Zoom call and answer whatever questions people have. We are going to start less structured and see how things develop.

December 2nd at 11am CDT - 1st Friday of the Month
Daniel Garcia will host a variety of Ortus people
Office Hours questions & requests form available
Register in advance for this meeting:

Ortus Software Craftsmanship Book Club - Patreon Only
Friday, December 9th at 2pm CDT - 2nd Friday of the Month
Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship by Robert Martin (Uncle Bob)
Focus - Chapter 2 - Naming Conventions - 1 of the 2 hardest things in programming, along with cache invalidation and off by 1 errors ;)

We will meet monthly on Zoom, and we’ll use the Ortus Community Forum for Patreon to discuss the book.

We will also be rewriting the code from Java to CFML as we proceed through the book.
The final result will be here

You can get a copy of the book at one of the below links, or your favorite bookstore or

Zoom link will be posted in Patreon Slack Channel and Patreon Community Forum
Signup to Patreon to join live:

ICYMI - TONIGHT - Mid Michigan CFUG - Nick Kwiatkowski is presenting on API’s and ColdFusion
November 15th, 7pm ET
Nick is going to show how he builds REST endpoints using the native Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee REST endpoint connector.  He’s also planning on doing a deep dive into Postman showing all its features.
Meeting URL:
A recording will be available on our group’s YouTube channel in a few days at

ICYMI - CF Hawaii Meetup - Managing All your ColdFusion Servers with CommandBox with Brad Wood
Friday, November 18, 2022 at 2:00 PM PST
CommandBox is a standalone, native tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux that will provide you with a Command Line Interface (CLI) for developer productivity, tool interaction, package management, embedded CFML server, application scaffolding, and sweet ASCII art. It seamlessly integrates to work with any of Ortus Solutions *Box products, but it is also open for extensibility for any ColdFusion (CFML) project as it is written in ColdFusion (CFML) using our concepts of CommandBox Commands.

CommandBox also functions as a package management tool which integrates seamlessly with ForgeBox. During this meeting Brad will give you an introduction to CommandBox to mange your ColdFusion Server as well as CF Config to Manage the CF Admin.

ColdFusion Security Training - Writing Secure CFML with Pete Freitag from Foundeo
When: Tuesday December 13, 2022 @ 11am-2pm & Wednesday December 14 @ 11am-2pm
(Eastern Standard Time, UTC -5) - 6 hours in total.

A hands-on CFML / ColdFusion Security Training class for developers. Learn how to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in your ColdFusion / CFML applications.
The class will be recorded, so if you cannot attend it fully online you will have access to a recording.

Where: Online / Web Conference
Who: Taught by Pete Freitag
Cost: $999/student $899/student (Early Bird Discount)

CFCasts Content Updates

Recent Releases

Coming Soon
  • More ForgeBox and VS Code Podcast snippet videos
  • ITB Videos will be released Dec for those who are not ITB Ticket Holders
  • Box-ifying a 3rd Party Library from Gavin
  • ColdBox Elixir from Eric
  • Getting Started with ContentBox from Daniel
Conferences and Training

CF Summit Online

All the webinars, all the speakers from Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2022 – brought right to your screen. All sessions will soon be streamed online, for your convenience. Stay tuned for more!

Brad Wood
November 30, 2022 | 12:00 - 13:00 EST (1 hour)

David Byers
December 1, 2022 | 15:00 - 16:00 EST (1 hour)

Terrence Ryan
December 2 | 12:00 to 13:00 EST (1 hour)

Pete Freitrag
December 6 | 13:00 to 14:00 EST (1 hour)

And many more in Dec and Jan…

Website for CF Summit Online

ICYMI - Deploy from Digital Ocean
November 15-16, 2022
The virtual conference for global builders
Subtract Complexity,
Add Developer Happiness
Join us on the mission to simplify the developer experience.

Into the Box Latam 2022 - NEXT WEEK
Dec 7th, 2022 - 8am - 5pm
2 tracks - 1 set of sessions, 1 set of deep dive workshop sessions
Pricing $9-$29 USD
Location: Hyatt Centric
Las Cascadas Shopping Center,
Merliot, La Libertad 99999
El Salvador


9-10 February 2023, Theater Amsterdam
World's Most Special and Largest Vue Conference
Call for Papers:
Blind Tickets:

Dev Nexus

April 4-6th in Altanta
Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30313

April 4th – 6th, 2023
Begin: 09:00  Your local time: 06:00
End: 18:00  Your local time: 15:00

VueJS Live
MAY 12 & 15, 2023



Get Early Bird Tickets:
Watch 2021 Recordings:

Into the Box 2023 - 10th Edition
May 17-19, 2023
The conference will be held in The Woodlands (Houston), Texas
This year we will continue the tradition of training and offering a pre-conference hands-on training day on May 17th and our live Mariachi Band Party! However, we are back to our Spring schedule and beautiful weather in The Woodlands! Also, this 2023 will mark our 10 year anniversary. So we might have two live bands and much more!!!
We are pleased to announce the call for speakers for the Into The Box Conference for 2023 is now officially open.

CFCamp is back
June 22 and 23rd, 2023

More conferences

Need more conferences, this site has a huge list of conferences for almost any language/community.

Blogs, Tweets, and Videos of the Week

11/28/22 - Tweet - Brad Wood - Lucee Roadmap
@lucee_server has released a roadmap for their next 5.4 release which is designed to squash all remaining libraries with known vulnerabilities that ship by default.  For all of us working with Corporate and Government clients, this is great news. #CFML #ColdFusion

11/26/22 - Blog - Ben Nadel - EventSource And Generating Server-Sent Events In ColdFusion / Lucee CFML
Many years ago, I took at look at the long-polling technique in ColdFusion. Long-polling creates a persistent HTTP connection that blocks-and-waits for data to be sent down over the network to the client. Eventually, this pattern became codified within the browser's native functionality using EventSource. I've never actually played with the EventSource object; so, I thought it would be fun to put together a simple ColdFusion demo.

11/25/22 - Blog - Ortus Solutions - Black Friday Deals are Here
Make 2023, the year you finally start modernizing your CFML projects with our Black Friday deals!
Don't waste any more time trying to find solutions, we got everything you need to rock your projects and learn new skills that will save you time and money while delivering a quality service.

11/22/22 - Tweet - Brad Wood - Lucee Vulnerable Libraries
Been working through a large list of vulnerable libraries found in @lucee_server from a government scan…
I'm very excited that Lucee 5.3.10 will fix a huge number of these and there is movement to resolve the others as well! #CFML #infosec

11/18/22 - Tweet - James Moberg - SQL Keyword Checker
Whenever I need to add new columns to a database, I like to ensure that I'm not using a reserved #ColdFusion or SQL word.
My favorite place for SQL is the "SQL Reserved Words Checker" by @pfreitag

11/17/22 - Blog - Ben Nadel - Using A Closure To Encapsulate CFThread Execution And Error Handling In ColdFusion
In ColdFusion, I'm a huge fan of using Closures to create a clean separation of concerns between the business logic and the low-level mechanics required to execute a given algorithm. I've used closures for things like managing temp directories, pulling resources out of a connection pool, and implementing distributed locks. And, when it comes to executing CFThread tags, I almost always split my asynchronous code from my business logic. However, it wasn't until the other day that it occurred to me that I could probably use Closures to simplify the execution of asynchronous CFThread tags in ColdFusion.

11/16/22 - Tweet James Moberg - Trivial Priority on a real BUG?
Adobe just flagged this bug with a "trivial" priority.
Are there any #ColdFusion developers using the new CF2023 Alpha? If this bug made it to the next version, could you upvote it? (ie, invalid #cfml should throw an error.)


Several positions available on
Listing over 36 ColdFusion positions from 22 companies across 20 locations in 5 Countries. Since August 1st.

3 new jobs listed this week

Full-Time - ColdFusion Application Developer at Hyderabad, Telangana - India
Nov 24

Full-Time - ColdFusion Application Lead at Noida, Uttar Pradesh - India
Nov 17

Full-Time - ColdFusion Application Developer at Mumbai, Maharashtra - India
Nov 17

Patreon Sponsored Job Announcement - Tomorrows Guides

Tomorrows Guides is a fast paced leader in the UK care sector, catering for care seekers across three areas: Care Homes, Nurseries and Home Care. We are often called the Trip Advisor of the care sector.

Our Product team consists of over 20 individuals across the UK working remotely to expand and improve our offering with regular expansion in teams year on year. We work with both Coldfuson 2021 and Node.js/React in the Azure cloud, while also using both MSSQL and MongoDB databases. Currently we are looking for Senior Coldfusion developers and Automation Testers with training paths to node.js available as well.

We offer a wide variety of perks from our company wide £4k bonus scheme, and quarterly nights out with the whole company and the Product team to a 6% company pension contribution.

Current Roles in detail

All roles:

Senior Cf Developer – UK Only | Remote | Permanent | Circa £60k -
-  Minimum three years’ experience with ColdFusion
-  Database design, normalisation and ability to write/understand complex queries using MSSQL Server 2019
-  Familiarity with Git
-  Flexible skillset covering a wide range of development

Automation Test Engineer – UK Only | Remote | Permanent | Crica £40k -
-  Minimum three years experience with automated testing
-  Experience with automated testing tools such as selenium
-  Experience with API test tools such as Postman/Fiddler etc
Benefits of both roles:
-  £4,000 per annum discretionary company bonus scheme
-  25 days annual leave + bank holidays
-  6% employer pension contribution
-  Access to free perks and discounts through Perkbox
-  Long Service Awards
-  Cycle to Work Scheme
-  Company and Team nights out

Other Job Links

ForgeBox Module of the Week


A protocol-based queueing system for ColdBox

Queue Connection
A queue connection defines how to connect to a backend service like Redis, RabbitMQ, or even a database. Any given queue connection can have multiple "queues" which are named stacks of queued jobs or messages to be delivered.

A named stack of jobs or messages to be delivered. A queue connection must have at least one queue which is usually "default". A queue connection can have as many queues as desired. This is mostly used later when defining queue workers to scale different queues at different priorities.

Queue Provider
A queue provider is how a queue connection connects to a backend service like Redis, RabbitMQ, or a database. It implements the necessary interface to send the jobs and to work the queues. A queue provider can be used multiple times in a single application to define multiple queue connections with different configuration options.

VS Code Hint Tips and Tricks of the Week

In Your Face

You can see faces that change with the number of source code errors.

Thank you to all of our Patreon Supporters

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  • Jeffry McGee - Sunstar Media
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  • Daniel Garcia
  • Ben Nadel 
  • Richard Herbet
  • Brett DeLine
  • Kai Koenig
  • Charlie Arehart
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