Modernize or Die® - CFML News for September 10th, 2019

Gavin and Brad host this weeks episode. We discuss Brad's Webinar coming up on Friday the 13th. The big drama in the CFML world is discussed, the ColdFusion EULA situation with B2B and SaaS businesses. The ColdBox training in Bangalore India is now sold out. Into the Box 2019 Videos are now available. Only 3 weeks away from Adobe CF Summit, and the early bird is still going, don't miss your chance to enjoy CF in Las Vegas in October, get your tickets before they remember to up the prices. The CF Summit call for speakers is now closed and speakers and sessions for CF Summit have been announced. In addition to the ColdFusion Specialist Certificate Program workshop prior to the conference, there are now 3 more workshops. We also discuss the CF Summit Ortus Trainings for after the Conference and how to register for them... including a new Discount Code for all of our trainings. We talk about Ortus Solutions' Bootcamp training in India with Luis Majano ( which is now sold out ) and mention how CF Camp is coming up fast, tickets are now available, and Brad and Eric announce the workshops they'll be leading at CF Camp as well as discussing the other workshop offerings CF Camp has. We spotlight a lot of great blog posts, too many to list, so listen to the show. We show off our ForgeBox module of the Week, this week, we pick the latest addition to ForgeBox, the CFML DogAPI. Our VS Code Hint Tip and Trick of the week is Cobalt2 Theme Official, an official Wes Bos theme. We finish the podcast by thanking our Patreon supporters. For the show notes - visit the website Music from this podcast used under Royalty Free license from SoundDotCom and BlueTreeAudio

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2019-09-10 Weekly News - Episode 18


  • Gavin Pickin - Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions
  • Brad Wood - Lead Architect for Ortus Solutions

News and Events

Webinar - CommandBox Service Manager

Brad Wood, lead programmer of CommandBox and CommandBox Service Manager, will guide you throughout all functionalities and possible applications of the Service Manager Module.
September 13th, 2019 CST 11:00 A.M. CST (GMT -5:00)

Adobe ColdFusion License bait and switch for SaaS companies

A discussion on the ColdFusion forum on, where 51 replies discuss the EULA of ColdFusion and how custom licensing might be required for any ColdFusion license serving business customers (SaaS for examples)  compared to traditional B2C sites like a website or a blog.

Reminder - ColdBox training in Bangalore India Sold Out

After the price drop a couple of weeks back, the last few spots sold out very quickly. Thanks for the support, and hope that everyone attending has a great time there. 

Reminder - ITB 2019 Videos Available Now

We are so excited to finally announce our video recordings for Into The Box 2019! You can now get this video collection or individual recordings from our vimeo page: Over 23 hours of instructional videos at your disposal! Enjoy!

Adobe CF Summit early bird

Still available as of September 3rd. Get them before they go up.

Certificate Program + Conference Pass $498.00
ColdFusion Security Preconference + Conference Pass $348.00
Conference Pass $99.00
ColdFusion Docker Preconference + Conference Pass $348.00
ColdFusion PMT Preconference + Conference Pass $348.00

Adobe CF Summit Speakers Announced - 31 so far

Adobe CF Summit - Conference

  • Las Vegas at the Mirage October 1-2 ( Tuesday + Wednesday )
  • Biggest CFML Conference of the Year - 500+ people
  • Great Adobe Party
  • Register Now - Early bird was only $99
  • Early-bird registration has been extended to June 30, 2019
  • Call for Speakers is now closed!!!
  • Speakers are listed on the website 
    • Lots of Ortus Speakers
      • Luis Majano
      • Brad Wood
      • Eric Peterson
      • Gavin Pickin
    • Adobe Speakers 5+
      • Rakshith Naresh
      • Uday Ogra
      • Kailash Bihani
      • Piyush Kumar Nayak
      • Suchika Singh
    • Lots of other great community speakers 15+
      Including but not limited to:
      • Pete Frietag
      • George Murphy
      • Brian Klaas
      • Matt Clemente
      • Giancarlo Gomez
      • Matt Gifford
      • Carl Von Stetten
      • Daniel Fredericks
      • Uma Ghotikar
      • Abram Adams
      • Dan Wilson
      • David Tattersal ( Fusion Reactor )
      • Charlie Arehart
      • Dave Ferguson

Adobe CF Summit - Workshops

Adobe ColdFusion Specialist Certificate Program

From Elishia 
People should know that for the Specialist Certificate they will be asked to review about 20 hours of video content in the month of September before the classroom session on September 30th. The in-person workshop will be a review of material and include an exam at the end. Space is limited in all of these, so they should sign up soon.

From the CF Summit Website:

The Adobe ColdFusion Specialist is a full-day certificate classroom program, delivered by top Adobe ColdFusion experts. You will be enrolled into the course as soon as you register and will receive course instructions and prep materials two weeks prior to the on-site program date. Following the training you will complete an online assessment – upon successful completion, you will receive your Adobe ColdFusion Specialist certificate.

The Mirage, Las Vegas
3400 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Monday September 30, 2019 - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Price: $399.00 - early bird pricing

  • Pre-conference Training 1: Hands-on ColdFusion Security Workshop
    Trainer : Pete Freitag, Principal Consultant, Foundeo Inc.
  • Pre-conference Training 2: Going from Zero to 60 with Docker and ColdFusion images
    Trainer: Charlie Arehart, Independent Consultant, Carehart
  • Pre-conference Training 3: Performance Monitoring Toolset
    Trainer: Adobe ColdFusion Team

Ortus Solutions Training Workshops at CF Summit after the Conference

Ortus will be doing 2  2-day trainings on Thursday October 3rd, and Friday October the 4th. 

We have two great workshops to select from and they will be held in a much more exclusive and comfortable environment that will allow us to bring you a better learning experience at Executive Hospitality Suite from ARIA Tower Suites . Register as soon as possible as space is very limited!

ColdBox From Zero to Hero
Lead by Gavin Pickin & Eric Peterson

ColdBox From Hero to SuperHero : API Edition
Lead by Luis Majano and Brad Wood

Dates: Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 9:00 AM - Friday, October 4, 2019 at 5:00 PM (PDT)

ARIA Resort & Casino
3730 S Las Vegas Blvd

More information and a link to register here:

ColdBox From Zero to Hero - Bootcamp Training - SOLD OUT

Bangalore, India | October 16-17, 2019 - by Luis Majano
Very popular ColdBox training, a great way to get your feet wet and jump start your ColdBox development. 

Project Overview: 
We will be building a real twitter clone: SoapBox.  We will use HMVC conventions, including BDD / TDD testing to build out the application including the usage of many different ForgeBox modules and industry standards.

Price: $199 for 2 days
Group discounted pricing available for $99

CF Camp - Workshops and Conference

October 17th and 18th in Munich, Freising, Germany.
Read more now: - Tickets NOW AVAILABLE.
Early bird - July 15, 2019 - 280 EUR - $313.27
Regular - Sep 11 - Oct 15, 2018 - 330 EUR - $369.17
Late - Oct 16 - Nov 8, 2018 - 380 EUR - $425.10

3rd Episode of Code Masters
Don't miss the third episode of CODE MASTERS from your hosts @markdrew and @robdudley
They recorded a video from CFCamp last year as part of the podcast. Watch the Youtube video here 

You can see the great lineup of speakers and sessions from last year on the site now. They will update as the speakers and sessions for this year is finalized.

Call for Speaker Deadline was July 7th - Now closed
Speakers have been announced

On Twitter Kai said “I can honestly say this is the best & most diverse programme, @cf_camp  ever had!“

Ortus Speakers
  • Eric Peterson
  • Jorge Reyes
  • Brad Wood

Lots of Great Community Speakers
  • Charlie Arehart
  • Eleftheria Batsou
  • Miguel Beltran
  • Wil de Bruin
  • Jen Doherty
  • Mark Drew
  • Rob Dudley
  • Seb Duggan
  • Nolan Erck
  • Uma Ghotikar
  • Matt Gifford
  • Majid Hajian
  • Michael Hnat
  • Kenigbolo Meya Stephen
  • Kai König
  • Francisco Mancardi
  • Lara Martín
  • Joel Stobart
  • Maciej Treder
  • Dom Watson
  • Sebastian Zartner

Sessions have been announced

CF CAMP Pre Conference Training Options Announced
Before CFCamp we're offering some interesting training sessions and presentations. The training sessions are held at the CFCamp venue at the Marriott Hotel Munich Airport in Freising.
We're currently putting together a very interesting set of training for you. Please stay tuned.

ColdBox Hero to Superhero (Oct, 15-16th)
BDD with TESTBOX (Oct, 15-16th)
PresideCon (Oct, 16th)
Centralize your logs with the Elastic Stack (Oct, 16th)
Get into Linux (Oct, 16th)

Ortus Training at CF Camp
Ortus will be doing a 2 day workshop on the 15th and 16th of October. 

Eric Peterson will be leading - Rest easy at night with TestBox BDD
Brad Wood will be leading the - Hero to Superhero - API REST Edition - name to be confirmed.

Blogs, Tweets and Videos of the Week

Tweet - Michael Born - Quick Tip: Caching in Lucee requires 1 config struct and two functions.
Sped up your app with minimal investment - start a cache today!
Note: Ortus Solutions’ MongoDB Cache Extension 

Tweet - Lucee Open Source - There is a great community behind Lucee
There is a great community behind Lucee, but if you need more, the Lucee member companies are here to help, offering a range of training, support, and services to get projects on track and keep them there. 

Blog - Gregory Alexander - How to speed up your site with lazy loading
Lazy loading is a process where you defer loading your non-essential scripts and media until after the page loads. With lazy loading, you don't load everything at once, however, you defer the loading of images and scripts until they are actually needed. This is essential if you're trying to improve the load time of your site.
In this technical article, I will show you the process that I used in order to vastly improve the performance of this blog site.

Blog - Michaela Light - How To Find Your Next Job As a ColdFusion Developer (Job hunting tips for CFers)
In this article, you will learn:
-How to find work if you’re a CFer or developer making the switch to ColdFusion
-Resources for CF job seekers
-Tips and tricks to being a better job candidate

Tweet - Kai Koenig discussing TeraTech State of the Union results for CI
This graph from the @TeraTechCF's survey tells you a lot about the lack of maturity in the #cfml world.
Given how old the platform is, there's really no excuse for this.

Blog - Ben Nadel - Locating LaunchDarkly Feature Flag References In Your Application Code In Lucee
At InVision, we've been using - and loving - LaunchDarkly feature flags for the last 3-years. Feature flags have completely changed the way that we approach application development. But, it's not all roses and unicorns. Feature flags also introduce a new type of technical debt which, left unchecked, will lead to critical code rot within the application. Ideally, all non-operational feature flags should be removed from the code once a feature is rolled-out. But, this rarely happens. Which means, the application becomes littered with obfuscated, misleading, and out-dated control-flows. 

Tweet - CFCAMP - Don’t miss 3rd episode of Code Masters
Beside awesome talks #cfcamp is always a lot of fun too. Don't miss the third episode of CODE MASTERS from your hosts @markdrew and @robdudley 

Webinar - Brad Wood with Ortus Solutions
In this screencast we see a demo of the new CommandBox Service Manager module running on Windows and Ubuntu Linux.

Blog - Pete Freitag - Howto restrict what htaccess files can do on Apache
If you are running Apache 2.4 or greater (and there is a good chance you are these days), then you can make use of a new directive to control exactly which directives can go in the .htaccess files.

Blog - AliasPoorYorik - ColdFusion.Adobe.Com - memoize functions in CFML
I’ve been working with React hooks recently and one of them allows you to memoize calculations. This is useful where you have a slow, or computationally expensive, function as given the same arguments you’ll get the cached result instead of recalculating each time. The same can be done in CFML code.
Note: You can already used CachedWithin in lucee to cache functions
Note 2: 


Coldfusion Developer for TIRUVEN - Full Time in Irving, TX,  United States
5+ years of ColdFusion experience including MX 7 and 8 (including use of CFCs). MySQL & MSSQL Server (writing queries and performing solid relational design).

ColdFusion Developer for AutoEurope - Full time in Portsmouth, NH,  United States
3+ years ColdFusion development experience with CF9/2016. Parsing and transforming XML and JSON data structures in ColdFusion.

ColdFusion and Azure Programmer for TPG Technology Consulting Ltd - Full time in Ottawa, ON,  Canada
Must have minimum ten (10) years of experience within the last fifteen (15) years in Adobe ColdFusion development. ASAP until March 31, 2020;

ForgeBox Module of the Week


A CFML wrapper for The Dog API.
Interact with the self-proclaimed largest open source collection of dog pictures on the internet.

Feel free to use the issue tracker to report bugs or suggest improvements!

This project borrows heavily from the API frameworks built by jcberquist, such as xero-cfml and aws-cfml. Because it draws on those projects, it is also licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

box install cfmldogapi

Last Update: Sep 10 2019 05:14 AM | Downloads: 0 | Installs: 0 | Views: 18 | Versions: 1

VS Code Hint Tips and Tricks of the Week

Cobalt2 Theme Official - wesbos.theme-cobalt2

Wes Bos - 228,845 downloads

Official theme by Wes Bos.

Thank you to all of our Patreon Supporters

These individuals are personally supporting our open source initiatives to ensure the great toolings like CommandBox, ForgeBox, ColdBox, ContentBox, TestBox and all the other boxes keep getting the continuous development they need, and funds the cloud infrastructure at our community relies on like ForgeBox for our Package Management with CommandBox. 

If we’re getting your name wrong please let us know.

Andrew  Davis

Brian  White

Carl  Von Stetten

Da Li

Dan  Card

Daniel Garcia

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Jan  Jannek

Jeremy Adams

John  Farrar

Jordan Clark

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Richard  Herbert

Samuel  Knowlton

Scott Steinbeck


Yogesh  Mathur

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