Modernize or Die® - CFML News for August 4th, 2020 - Episode 64

Gavin and Eric host this weeks episode. ColdBox 6 is being released, Fusion Reactor has a 25% discount for Adobe ColdFusion to celebrate 25 years. They remind you about the Ortus Webinar and Adobe webinar you might have missed, and announce this weeks Online CF Meetup with Brian Klaas on speaking about "I Didn’t Know S3 Could Do That!". They give you an update on lots of new content. They discuss going online in September, and how it is free, and the first 500 registrations get a swag box ( if in the US ). They discuss the 2 more Into the Box workshops coming in August, CommandBox Zero to Hero and CFML Containers... with dates, times and prices. They discuss how the Adobe ColdFusion Certification is now online and remind you that Adobe's CF Summit Conference, being changed to a Online conference, now with dates, November 17-19, call for speakers is now open, deadline August 15th They spotlight a lot of great blog posts, tweets, videos and podcasts, too many to list, so listen to the show. They announce some jobs from They show off the ForgeBox module of the Week, RabbitSDK by Brad Wood & Ortus Solutions This week's VS Code Tip of the week is Profile Switcher by Aaron Powell For the show notes - visit the website Music from this podcast used under Royalty Free license from SoundDotCom and BlueTreeAudio

2020-08-04 Weekly News - Episode 64

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Gavin Pickin - Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions
Eric Peterson - Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions

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More workshops coming in August

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News and Events

ColdBox 6 is cooked - Luis said he is releasing today!
Blog post coming soon.

Ortus Workshop dates announced

We have 2 new workshops finalized for August 2020
CommandBox lead by Brad Wood - Thu Aug 27th & Fri Aug 28th, 2020 - 2 day workshop
Containerizing CFML Apps lead by Jon Clausen - August 20th, 2020 - 1 day
More details in the Conference section below

Fusion Reactor - Celebrate Adobe ColdFusion 25th birthday with a 25% discount

ColdFusion is 25 years old and to celebrate we can offer our customers an exclusive 25% discount.
The offer is available for all new Standard and Enterprise licenses bought directly from FusionReactor and cannot be used for upgrades or Tradeups.
This offer will only run for a limited time and is due to end on the 31 August.

ICYMI Ortus Webinar - Injecting Dependencies With WireBox with Grant Copley

Friday, July 31st, 2020
11:00 AM CDT (GMT -5:00)

Dependency injection may sound intimidating but is easy to understand once you learn a few key concepts. In this session with Grant Copley, we'll show you how you can use the dependency injection framework WireBox in your CFML applications to remove boilerplate, reduce complexity, and build better apps.

Online CF Meetup - "I Didn’t Know S3 Could Do That!", with Brian Klaas
Thursday Aug 6th at 12pm US Eastern Time, UTC-4.
Millions of developers know Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) as the file system for the Internet: it's fast, cheap, and super durable. CFML developers have dead-simple access to S3 via built-in functionality. S3 goes way beyond just uploading and downloading files, though. By dropping down into the AWS Java SDK, we can unlock the full potential of S3, and that's exactly what we'll do in this session.

ICYMI - Adobe Webinar - A bird's-eye view of PMT architecture and how to harness it's true potential with Nimit Sharma

July 30, 2020
10 am PT
This session will walk you through everything there is to know about PMT (Performance Monitoring Toolset) architecture and the configurations to look out for when installing PMT on your systems. Get a deeper look at how data flows in the system and the configuration files where the data is stored. Explore the common customer issues and find out how using archiving can reduce the disk consumption.

CFCasts Content Updates

Ortus Webinar
- Injecting Dependencies with WireBox with Grant Copley
What’s new in Quick 4
- Relationship Counts
What’s new in qb 8
- Select Helpers
- Reorder
- Automatic Or Scoping
ColdBox Master Class
- Event Driven Programming
- Listening to Events

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September 30th, 9am - 4pm CST
Register by August 15, and you'll get an awesome SWAG BOX full of goodies! (US only, first 500)

Into the Box 2020 - Workshops - Virtual Live training

2 day Workshop - CommandBox lead by Brad Wood
Thu, Aug 27 & 28, 2020,
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM PDT
Price: $899

1 Day Workshop - Containerizing CFML Apps lead by Jon Clausen
August 20th
8:00 AM – 3:00 PM PDT
Price: $499

Podcast Coupon Code:
PODCAST10 - 10% off
There is a code for ITB attendees to save 15% - If you didn’t get the email contact us.

Adobe ColdFusion Certification now available Online

Can’t step outside? Still want to polish up your skills? We heard you and we made it happen! Now you can master the major features from Adobe ColdFusion’s latest release from right where you are, because Adobe Certified Professional: Adobe ColdFusion is now online!
This industry-led certification program from Adobe comes with 50+ online videos and is specially designed to fit every coder, with both basic and advanced level proficiency in any computer language. Upon completing the program, you will learn all there is to know about using CFML to develop, test, debug and deploy web apps, and how Adobe ColdFusion acts as a glue between different systems.
That’s not all! The certification program going online means now you can enjoy the flexibility of scheduling your final assessment test on any date of your choosing. Simply put, you can get certified remotely whenever you want, wherever you are. What’s more, successful completion of the test also grants you a certificate and badge from Adobe!

Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2020 - Replaces CF Summit West

Date: November 17-19
Location: Online
Admission: Free
Adobe CF Summit Dates listed on website - November 17-19

Speaker sign up for Adobe
Deadline: August 15th.

CF Camp

More conferences:

Blogs, Tweets and Videos of the Week

Blog - James Moberg - Convert Unicode strings to ASCII with ColdFusion & JUnidecode
I’ve struggled for years attempting to identify the best solution for converting unicode accents and other characters using ColdFusion. I’ve used regex, java.text.Normalizer, ICU4J Transliterate and Apache.Lang3.StringUtils.StripAccents and recently scrapped them all in favor of using JUnidecode. JUnidecode is a Java port of Text::Unidecode perl module. The JUnidecode Java library only has one method and it takes a string and transliterates it to a valid 7-bit ASCII String (obviously it also strips diacritic marks).

Blog - Eric Peterson - Ortus Solutions - Quick 4.0.0 Released
Quick 4.0.0 was released this past week and brought with it some welcome quality-of-life improvements, a handy new counts feature, improvements to error messages, and a bunch of squashed bugs. Although it is technically a major version change, most users will be able to upgrade with no changes to their code. Let's dive in to see what's new.

Blog - Eric Peterson - Ortus Solutions - qb 8.0.0 Released
qb 8.0.0 was released this past week, and it brings with it a small handful of new features. While this is technically a major release, I don't expect anyone to actually have a breaking change. In fact, I expect this will save you time and headaches as it has for me.

Blog - Fusion Reactor - QueryPlan does not work in cursor mode with Microsoft SQL Server
An exception is thrown when FusionReactor executes the QueryPlan for a JDBC request. This exception is then displayed as the result of the QueryPlan in FusionReactor.

Blog - Brian Klaas - Beyond the Basics of Using AWS S3 in CFML: Editing Tags and Using S3 Object Metadata
In the last post in this series, we looked at how to add tags to an object uploaded to S3 via the AWS Java SDK. What if you need to change those tags? Are tags the only way to add metadata to objects in S3? Let’s file out.

Blog - Kishore - Adobe - Adobe ColdFusion Summit :: Call for Speakers is Open Now!!
This year Adobe ColdFusion Summit is going Online. If you have some special topic which you have always wanted to present, now is the chance to do so from the comfort of your home and at a time convenient for you.

Blog - Ben Nadel - Using A Closure To "Terminate" CFThread Tags Across Page Requests In Lucee CFML
While the CFThread tag has a "terminate" action; and Lucee has a threadTerminate() built-in function (BIF); these two approaches only work within a single page-request - any attempt to terminate a CFThread reference spawned from another page will result in a ColdFusion error. Over the weekend, however, as I was experimenting with task threads in Lucee CFML, I came up with an approach to cross-page thread termination that I thought was kind of interesting: using a ColdFusion Closure to communicate the intent to terminate in Lucee CFML

Blog - Ben Nadel - RequestTimeout Setting Affects CFThread Execution In Lucee CFML
Yesterday, when I was exploring task threads in Lucee CFML, I noticed that my long-running CFThread tags were suddenly dying at around 30-seconds of execution time. And, after I poked around in the Lucee Administrator, I noticed that the default request timeout for the server was set to 30-seconds. I didn't realize this, but apparently the CFSetting tag's requestTimeout property affects both top-level page requests as well as daemon CFThread tags. To confirm this, I wanted to set up a simple test in Lucee CFML

Blog & Video - Ben Nadel - Using A Task CFThread To Run And Restart Daemon CFThreads Indefinitely In Lucee CFML
The CFThread tag has been one of the most awesome feature-additions to the ColdFusion language, allowing us to seamlessly and effortlessly run asynchronous code in parallel to the main page request. But, the CFThread has always been a kind of "one off" type of processing. And, for years (dating back to 2010), I've often yearned for a CFThread tag with an interval attribute - something a little more "persistent". It turns out, in Lucee, there is this concept of a Task Thread, which is a version of CFThread that runs outside of the Application. As an experiment, I wanted to see if I could use this Task Thread to "persist the execution" of the traditional Daemon Threads in Lucee CFML

Blog - NerdVision - NerdVision on CommandBox
With NerdVision coming from the Intergral family, we have quite strong ties in the ColdFusion communities. Like most development communities, ColdFusion is trying to modernise their development practises. One of the ways they are doing this is by using the CommandBox from Ortus Solutions. CommandBox is a platform that allows for many improvements to the standard workflow of the more transitional ColdFusion developer, including a package manager called ForgeBox.

Tweet - Brad Wood - CFDumps not for Production
CFDump is great for dev debugging, but can have serious perf overhead under load in production. I've had this bite clients more than once. Just this week, a client saw an 8 fold increase in a scheduled task performance simply by commenting out all their CFDumps! #CFML #ColdFusion


Several positions available on
Listing over 54 ColdFusion positions from 41 companies across 26 locations in 5 Countries
0 new jobs this week.

ForgeBox Module of the Week

RabbitSDK by Brad Wood & Ortus Solutions

RabbitMQ is an open-source message-broker software that originally implemented the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol and has since been extended with a plug-in architecture to support Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol, MQ Telemetry Transport, and other protocols.

This library is a wrapper for CFML/ColdFusion apps to be able to interact with RabbitMQ via the Java SDK.

box install rabbitsdk

VS Code Hint Tips and Tricks of the Week

Profile Switcher by Aaron Powell

This extension allows you to define a number of settings profiles that you can easily switch between. The original idea for this extension came from my desire to have an easy way for me to switch my VS Code to a setup that was better optimised for presenting (changed themes, increase font size, etc).

The extension introduces four new commands that you can use from the command panel. All commands are prefixed with Profile Switcher.

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